Help me out

Hey guys, little bit of writers block. Comment a word and I'll incorporate it into the next poem!


I’d wished

I once did know, four times I cried, To take the pain, I'd wished I'd died, taken time, I'd always tried, T'was not because, I'd simply lied... It was a life, I thought I knew Though many problems, grew and grew, Never once, was it thought through, Could it be, because of you?

He could never

He could never be the one Because I'll never let him near me He could never hold my stare Because there's so much he can't see He could never steal my heart Because I'll beg him to let it be He could never save my soul Because there isn't one within me


The air was crisp this morning, The wind a little colder. With every season that passes, We get a little older. Will we take on new challenges, and be a little bolder? Will we walk into the wind, despite being a little colder.


The night was dark, the sky was clear. Everything he'd ever loved would soon disappear. He could feel a disaster coming, already near. he wasn't one to run away, but he was one to fear.