Under pressure.

Sometimes you’re sitting in your room. You know what you need to do and you know how much time it’ll take to do it. So you tell yourself “I’ll do it today” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” but you already know you won’t. Not because you don’t want to, even though you don’t. And not because you can’t, because to totally can. Because you don’t feel the pressure yet.

I’m that kind of person. I’m pressure based. I remain calm as the deadlines approach and then cram out a B paper one to two days prior. I know it’s not my best work and it would probably be A material if I gave myself more time but I can’t do it until I feel the pressure. I can’t even think about it until the deadline is so close I have no time to waste.

It’s kind of like a pressure cooker. The assignment sits and stews and then when the timer goes off, all the steam comes out. My mental alarm clock goes off and I let all the steam out onto paper.



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