A little behind

Family pressures should¬†be off of you when your brother is newly married with a baby on the way and your other brother also has a baby on the way. Sadly, with my family, family pressures are never off. When my mom found out about the second pregnancy she called me up just to make absolute … Continue reading A little behind


A little really does go a long way

How many of you have a favorite article of clothing? Have you ever considered how it came to be your favorite? Maybe you think it looks quite flattering or maybe you really like the colour. For me, my favorite items stem from the amount of compliments they receive. However, not compliments from just anyone. If … Continue reading A little really does go a long way

The End

So there's this guy. I write about him quite lovingly on this blog, as you may have noticed. What you may not know though is that he isn't really mine. I got to experience pieces of him at convenient times. I felt his embrace but never his love. Today, marks the end if what little … Continue reading The End