Book Man

Story Time:

The other day I went to Chapters to buy some books for a class I’m taking next semester. Being an avid Chapters client, I quickly went to the search engine and started trying to figure out which section to go to. The store manager, an older fellow asked if I needed help and I assured him that I was fine. He told me to holler and scream if I needed anything. Naturally, being the smartass I am, I asked him if I had to holler AND scream or would screaming be sufficient. There was a young man working and he was standing just beyond our conversation, I heard him laugh. He approached me once the store manager had walked away and asked if he could help me. Once again I assured that I knew what I was doing. However, being he was a man and men are obviously so much better at everything he started taking over my book search process. Whatever, I thought, probably easier to let someone else do the work for me.

So we went to the section where I could find my books and he started handing me the ones I needed. Every so often I would question him or second guess his searching methods. I was being quite sarcastic but, for those who know me, this is quite normal. After we had found all the books I needed, I apologized just in case I had seemed grumpy. He assured me that I was a stressed out student and this was normal behavior. I told him how I had 2 jobs on top and how I had just completed a test that morning and he said “well I’m here till 5 if you want to rant about it”. I laughed “well I have class till 5:30”. he didn’t seem shaken by that at all and countered “well I could wait around till then”. It’s probably at this point that a normal person would have realized this guy was hitting on them and trying to ask them out but I’m oblivious so I just said “okay sure, see you then”.

Now, I have a boyfriend and I love him very dearly so it was only a few minutes later that I realized what I had just agreed to. I considered blowing him off and not showing up and I considered showing up and having a coffee, what’s the harm? But then, I thought of the best solution, pawn him off on my roommate. I could come back, tell him I’m an idiot and I have a boyfriend but my roommate does not and shares many of my personality traits. So, that’s exactly what I did. Mind you I smoothed it over by offering him a donut and bussing with him since we lived on the same end of town.

He really was friendly so I invited him to a games night my roommates and I were having the next night. He did come and while we were playing Cards against humanity, he said “It’ll be interesting to see what you guys put since I don’t really know any of you, except you (he pointed at me), when I met you I thought you were sarcastic, and snarky, and charming.” An interesting combination I thought and quite accurate to boot. I was really hoping he and my roommate would hit it off but they did not. Maybe next time book man.


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