I Bite.

When I was little I used to get mad, I bit a little girls finger and I didn't feel bad She was being a jerk and disrespecting me But that was all context the principal didn't see I got suspended for being violent and mean So I went home and I wasn't seen Until my … Continue reading I Bite.



I felt like the waves were crashing over me, I couldn't find my way out, I couldn't see. Suddenly I was gasping for air I was reaching out but no one was there It was dark behind my eyes and I was too engrossed to realize that the water wasn't waves of the sea, It … Continue reading flow


He looked me in the eyes and asked me to smile. I hesitated, it had been a while But looking at him, looking at me I couldn't imagine anyone else more deserving to see The corners of my mouth started to twitch It was slightly awkward, it was a switch From the sad girl I … Continue reading Smile