Seasons Feelings

The light shines down upon the crystal ice and cotton snow It is to this we will end this year, It is to the golden grass and melting ice that we will Enter a new year, a year that will be filled with wonders, love and fear, It is a new beginning for some and … Continue reading Seasons Feelings


If I hated the holidays…

So the holiday season is basically here, A time supposedly for giving and cheer, But I'm like the Grinch my heart too small, I face Christmas with little enthusiasm at all. Like Scrooge, I am as cold as the winter snow. I tell the world what I already know. The season is fleeting and a capital … Continue reading If I hated the holidays…

Make me.

I keep having this dream, where I'm reaching over him to get something and when I asked him to give it back, he says "make me". And then I kiss him like it's easy, like it's nothing. And that's the kind of brave and bold girl I wish I could be.

I’m not fat?

My friends are quite polite you see, for they are always lying to me. If I say I'm fat they'll jump right in, saying I'm just borderline not thin, I'm extra chubby one will say, Or Thick, it's just another way, To say, yeah you're fat but it's okay, We'll always love you anyway.