A leap of faith.

Today I decided I was a wimp. I realized that I don't do anything in life unless I am sure 100% what the outcome will be. My past relationships have all been moves that I initiated when I knew the guy would say yes. All that being said, I am a risk taker. I like … Continue reading A leap of faith.


My Normal Schedule

Did you know humans are the only people on Earth to actively keep track of time? A lot of creatures know the seasons, days vs. nights, but they do not look at the sky and say "of it's 12:15, I'm late for hunting lunch". As humans, we are taught at a young age that our … Continue reading My Normal Schedule


50% is not very good when you think about it from an economic standpoint or from an effort stand point. No one is proud to say " look I tried okay, I gave it 50%!"or " look dad, I got 50% on this essay!" The picture attached to this article is a picture of a … Continue reading 50%