Every relationship has doubts. You enter into this agreement to be with a person and suddenly you realize it’s not everything you expected. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it should and maybe you start to get irritated by their little quirks. These doubts come from our expectations and cloud our bigger picture. I could be dating the most amazing guy but get carried away thinking about one flaw so I stop seeing the amazing guy standing before me.

My boyfriend and I talked about doubts the other day. He told me that 2 weeks into our relationship he had some doubts. It wasn’t escalating the way he thought and we weren’t seeing each other very often. It was turning out to be a texting relationship and he is very much an in-person kind of person. Our relationship ramped up shortly after that, we began coordinating schedules and seeing each other more often. We both grew in the relationship together and that’s made us stronger. No more doubts.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, or him, or us, but I do know that he makes me happy and I know I can count on him. That when I feel down, I know he’s just a phone call away. That when I need a hug, he’ll always be willing to give me one. I don’t know what other people require out of relationships, but having someone who is kind and reliable is everything to me.




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