Life is a little crazy

My life has been a little crazy these days with all of the things I have going on.

I work 14.5 hours at one job per week, around 30 hours per week at the other, plus I’m a university student taking 5 courses and I recently started dating this guy.

All my nights are late nights and all my mornings are early mornings. I long for this thing people keep calling “reading week” because I assume that means I’ll get a break but then my work schedule comes out and I’m reminded that though my classes take pause, my assignments and my 2 jobs do not.

My bank account is sad. It has been for a few months since I bought a new laptop, paid my rent, paid a man in a white coat to rip my teeth out…wisdom teeth, am I right?

I am 22 years old and I just ate dinosaur oatmeal because that was the one on sale.

I’m at my 14.5 job on a break writing this.

I have a midterm in 1.5 hours for a class I only attend in zombie mode.

I need a break and I don’t see one in the near future…

Certainly not tomorrow.


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