The world

I believe that the world often gives us what we need whether we see it or not.

Here’s an example: About a month ago my roommate and I were getting ready in the morning to catch our 7:09 bus. The best thing about this bus is it came at 7:09, everyday, every. time. So on this particular Friday, for once, neither her nor I was running a little behind and we were both ready at 7:01. We decide it’s nice enough outside to just leave then and we walk to the bus stop. As we are mere feet from the bus stop, the bus arrives. It’s 7:04.

There were so many small factors on that day that allowed us to catch that bus because had it been any other day, a normal day, we wouldn’t have.

So my advice to you is to look at how you accomplished something small in the last few weeks and analyze the small things that could’ve kept you from accomplishing that. See the world as more than empty space, but as a guide to our accomplishing small steps.



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