A little really does go a long way

How many of you have a favorite article of clothing? Have you ever considered how it came to be your favorite? Maybe you think it looks quite flattering or maybe you really like the colour. For me, my favorite items stem from the amount of compliments they receive. However, not compliments from just anyone.

If my roommate compliments it, it probably looks alright, maybe even good.

If a friend compliments it than I know it looks at least kind of good.

If a stranger compliments it, then I know it looks good.

This sounds silly right? Placing value in the opinion of someone I don’t know. But think of it this way: That stranger didn’t have to say anything at all. There was no societal obligation that made them compliment you which means that you can genuinely believe that it looks good. Someone saw you and said, wow, I need to compliment that.

What I think is an even bigger point though is that people don’t realize how far a small comment can go. In my case, it can turn an ordinary shirt into a favorite but in the case of someone else, maybe a compliment on their smile can make them smile a little more that day. Maybe a compliment of something they’re shy about could make them a little more confident.

So here’s my advice: If you see someone and you really like something about them, just tell them! It’s not weird and it shouldn’t be scary. It has zero impact on how you perceive yourself but it could end up having a huge impact of how they see themselves.

Let’s all be a little more bold today.


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