We’re all special

Often times I wake up and I don’t feel special. I feel like I could be anybody because I am just that much of a nobody. I question whether I know myself and then I ponder whether we really know anyone.

I’m sure you’ve heard about how we all have 3 faces. One for everyone, one for those closest to us and one just for ourselves. If this is true than I think the face I know the least is the one I show myself.

Everyday I face strangers and act as society expects me to act. I follow the norms and courtesies. When I see those who are close to me I present my sassy, sarcastic, self-hating but caring side. I’d do anything for them and they know it. When I’m alone though, I don’t really know who I am supposed to be and find myself mirroring how those around me are feeling because I am familiar with however they are feeling.

We’re all supposed to be special. Unique. Different. Instead I just feel like no one.

Like nobody.

Like nothing.

My, I must be ever so special.


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