The way they looked that night

He looked at her like she was a challenge he was prepared to take on. As though with his piercing eyes he could wrap her around his finger.

She looked at him with pity. She knew her habits and her personality would become a burden on his spirit. She worried her lip knowing that to give in to him was to steal a piece of him.

He reached across the table confidently and took her hand in his. A firm grip to show her he was all in. Ready. Willing.

She rested her hand in his and worried about the sweat forming between their palms. She wanted to pull away, to spare him the pain she would cause. A pain, like a tornado ripping through homes, she could cause by ripping apart the hope and love within him.

He stared at her. With his eyes he attempted to will her into submission. He longed for her, he needed her and despite his better judgement, he’d do anything to get her. He watched her chew her lip and tried to supress his urge to push his lips to hers.

She gave a heavy sigh and met his eyes with hers. She wanted desperately to melt into them. To swim in the sea of blue that lived within them.

He stared back at her, feeling that this contact was all the reassurance he needed to push forward. He opened his mouth to speak but knew not what to say. As words failed him, they did not fail her.

She released her lower lip from her teeth and said with the slightest bit of enthusiasm:

“I’m in.”


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