Muffin Time

I have this co-worker and one day last year we found out that we had both caught a few episodes of a show called The Weekenders when we were younger. We went on to find out that we had both seen this one particular episode with this one specific character. For approximately 30 seconds of the episode this character sings a song. The song goes like this:

“It’ssssssssss muffinnn time

Mufffa muffaaa muffin time

Muffffffffaaaaa muffffaaaa muffin time


It’s at that last line that the character flails her arms around and has a mini freak out as part of the song and it’s hilarious.

So this co-worker and I will bring this up every so often and just the two of us among all employees will sing this song and flail around a little bit and personally, I think it’s hilarious. We both smile and go back to work and pretend it didn’t happen.

Every so often, we’ll ask other staff if they know the reference but no one seems to or it’s a vague blur to them.

What I find really amazing though is that neither him nor I really watched that show. We had both only seem a few episodes in passing and yet, we had both seen and remembered this small part of one episode.

The point is, it’s funny the things our minds choose to remember. Little details that exist in our minds that we aren’t even aware we know until someone brings them to our attention.



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