When I was a little kid, the house that I lived in had a lilac tree out front. It blossomed every year and always left you smiling when you walked out the front door. It became my favorite flower and remains so to this day.

Recently, within the last year, I moved to a new place. I was a little worried it wouldn’t feel like home and there have been a lot of moments where it hasn’t. Moments where I doubted where I should be and how I should proceed.

Yesterday, I came home and looked out into our backyard. I am not always home often so I don’t look out there that often. I walked up to the window and noticed that the tree in our backyard, which is quite tall, was in fact a lilac tree! It has blossomed so just beyond the window I could see purple flowers flowing in the wind.

I know this doesn’t make much sense and it doesn’t have to but seeing this tree, in bloom and towering over me and my new home…I felt at home. I felt like this was a sign. This tree to me meant I was where I was meant to be and I was in the right place for right now.

Growing up isn’t always easy and I just need to remember that when I face the world.


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