Give in, Let go, Move on.

Do you ever feel like giving in, letting go and moving on?

It’s a cute concept to think about but let’s be real here for a second; it doesn’t work that way.

No matter how much you want to give in, the idea is always lingering in your mind. When you start to doubt your decisions it creeps forward and clouds your judgement. When you start to build new ideas, you can’t help but compare them to those you’re throwing away. Giving in is a feat that required so much more than just saying “I give up”.

That established, we know we need to work on letting it go. How do we do that? We can’t just decide to never think of it or the possibility again. It exists and though it would be amazing if we could pull the idea out of our minds forever, that’s not how reality works. We are not Dumbledore. Instead, we must face them and deal with however long it takes to truly let them go.

Finally, after doing these things we can start to move on and move forward. This is not to say that we will no longer remember but rather that we will have learned how to store that idea in our minds so it no longer interferes with our daily lives.

In my case, I am still trying to give up the idea that he could have been the one. One day I will give it up and let it go and be content with moving on and finding a new idea to cling to.



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