Something new but not yet true

He doesn’t make me feel like I’m flying

He doesn’t leave me breathless, sighing.

He doesn’t make me want to fall into his arms

Doesn’t ring a bell or any alarms.

Because at the end of the day he isn’t you

I don’t feel half as much and nothing true

I don’t want to message him when I’m alone

He doesn’t keep me glued to my phone

He can’t make my heart skip a beat

He doesn’t make me feel complete.

He does talk to me though, all day long

keeps the conversation going strong

He’s nice and kind and deserving of love

But he doesn’t make me feel, as mentioned above.

When he fails, I think of what I had

I know that’s cruel and unfair and just bad.

He never did anything wrong to deserve my pity

But he never makes me think hard about something witty

He doesn’t push conversation about a new tool

He doesn’t ponder why some things are considered cool

I can’t picture us standing in a hallway

endlessly discussing without losing things to say

But he looks me in the eye and knows my name

Somehow in the end, it’s not nearly the same.

He wants to know me, my life, my dreams

But I can’t tell him my heart is pulling at the seams

Where I tied the pieces together to make it whole

This man thinks he can step in and fill a role

That isn’t really over and never really was

Because I never let it, or tried to let it, because

I can’t let go of what I feel is right

And it keeps me tossing and turning at night

To know the man I lost dreams of other souls

To know girls are auditioning for the role

I miss his smile and laugh and charm

I miss holding his hand and pulling his arm.

I know I’m not ready to let go yet

But I feel like the world is saying READY, SET…



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