little sex, lot of crazy

So let’s take a moment and evaluate what kind of a vindictive, manipulative little monster I am….

I found of my FWB was going to be hanging out with a girl who I know he’s slept with in the past.

Prior to finding this out, I had asked him if I could use him house to work on some school work because it was hard to focus at my house (all true, my house is a zoo).

When I found out his plans though, I intentionally forced him to let me do my schoolwork at his house so he’d be forced to go hang out at her place ( although to be fair to me, there was really no other place I could go where I’d be able to focus on this work).

THEN, the night before he was supposed to go, we had sex till he literally couldn’t anymore because then he’d be tired right?

In the morning, I did it again (a lot easier to do since he was already exhausted but whatever).

So essentially, lying beside me is this really nice guy. He’s gotten maybe 5 hours of sleep and I’ve exhausted him so much that he doesn’t even want to get up …

…And then she cancels on him.

Efforts wasted man.

But also…like…I win?

My point is that I’m a manipulative little psycho and I need a real boyfriend so I can stop ruining this guys life.



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