The Cost of life

I’ve realized over the past few years that the most expensive thing you can do is live. Trying to live with basic necessities like food and shelter is enough to dent your pockets. When you’re a student, on top of living you have student costs like textbooks and tuition. Many people I know are sitting back collecting OSAP thinking that they’ve got it made. Every semester they get money and don’t have to work and can just relax and focus on school. That’s all well and great for them but they are the type of people who aren’t thinking long term. Me and my family are thinking long term. The goal is that we pay tuition now and for textbooks and other fees so that later on, when I graduate, I won’t be weighed down by debt.

In order to accomplish this goal though, I work a lot and my parents work a lot. My money goes to textbooks and rent and living fees like food and insurance. My parents money goes toward tuition, and sometimes I pitch in there a bit too. We have to worry about all these fees because we made the choice…the choice to live.

We live in a society where everything costs money. Things that should be basic requirements often cost the most. Education: a prong on the ladder to a successful career. Education cost: 4000$ for 5 classes for 14 weeks.

Food: Vegetables and fruits tend to be the priciest items in the grocery store. They’re chalked full with the nutrients we need to survive and be healthy and yet many people can hardly afford them. On the other hand, a bag of chips or some type of cookies always seem to be available at a low price.

How is it that we expect everyone to be successful but then we limit them with a price tag?

How is that people can try so hard and someone as they are running forward they are falling deeper and deeper into a hole of debt they can’t always dig themselves out of. Like students who get degrees but can’t find a job in their field so they sit and stew in their debt as they work a menial job and hope that one day things will turn around. They chose to live and yet here they are, wishing they hadn’t.

I guess what I’m trying to say is why is it that in order to truly feel like you’re living you need to have deep pockets? Why is it that the top 1% get prosperity with the 99% work just as hard and are handed far less? Why is it that no matter where you are in life, there never seems to be enough to cover all the cost?

I watch my bank account numbers shrink as I wait for either of my jobs to pay me. One pays too little and I can’t work enough there. One pays well but I have to wait for the rewards for another month.

The numbers always seem to be going down…


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