Where’s my monthly gift?

Something that I have researched a lot in my life is my lady time (gentlemen you may want to skip this post). A period is something that comes every month for most of a woman’s active life. It is supposed to be regular and come around the same time every. single. month.

As a woman, whenever my period is late, I always take the time to consider the logical explanation. Maybe it’s late because I am syncing up to my roommate. Maybe I am sick. Maybe it’s about to start. Maybe I skipped a few pills. There is no use jumping to ridiculous reasons like pregnancy or cancer until you’ve exhausted all your more likely options.

But then there’s always the pregnancy or cancer possibility! You get to the point where maybe it’s been a while and you’re waiting for your period and google tells you “congratulations you’re probably pregnant”. Then you sit and stare at the screen before you wondering if it’s possible. You consider your actions and if it is even possible.

In the end, I’ll tell you, most of the time you are okay. You are a couple days late for natural reasons. And if you do happen to be pregnant or are facing something more serious, you are not alone. There are so many people out there who will support you and help you through it. So just remember the next time your period is late that there is nothing to fear because even in the worst case scenario someone will be there to help you through. Remember to be safe.

Happy New Year lovelies.



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