Have you lived?

Recently I was watching a TV show and one of the characters was about to be shot and she said “I’m only 28, I haven’t lived”. This really got me thinking because at what point in our lives can we wake up and say we have truly lived? I am 21 now, have I lived? How should I define having lived? By my relationships, by major events of my life, by my accomplishments?

Once I am married and have kids I would probably say I have lived but would I say I have lived on the day I graduate university? I mean, I certainly lived through it so how could I not consider it living?

So for a minute I thought of living as how many hospital visits I had had. I have sprained my wrist, I have had chicken pocks, the flu, a rash called pityriasis rosea, a sinus infection, strep throat, I have given blood, had blood tests, I have had one stitch in a dog bite on my arm….Those are a lot of health experiences, but do they mean I have lived?

So later I though of living as how many places I had lived. I have lived in Ottawa, in Quebec, so in the country and in the city, I have lived with my mother, my father, my brother, roommates, family friends, etc. I have experienced living with complete families and broken families, families that are present and families that are never home. I have lived beside a forest as well as in the middle of downtown. Do experiencing these places mean I have lived.

I guess it was interesting to me to think of what I would consider to important if someone pointed a gun at me and asked me if I’d lived. What would I think about and what would matter to me? Is there any way to know how we feel about our experiences without pushing that envelop?

Have you lived today?


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