Audience Praise us

via Daily Prompt: Praise

Who is it that we aim to praise or are we even aiming at all when we grow to praise someone.

I send praise to my father that he managed to raise me to become the person I am today.

I send praise to my mother that she has endured all she has.

I send praise to the skies to the God I believe in.

Praise is just an immense approval and admiration right? So everyday we praise people for just being themselves when they do something we admire a lot.

I praise the strangers who give what little they have to others who have nothing.

I praise those who volunteer their time to make a better place.

It’s almost as if our whole lives are a performance and if we do something right, the audience will praise us. I think this is a good argument for why we should all aim to be the best people we can be. Because the world is an audience and someone is always watching.

How do we want the audience to see us?


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