You and me, could we, ever be?

I think I have a crush on you,

In fact, I don’t know if it could be more true.

I used to think I’d never let my heart feel

these emotions that make the connection so real

not since I was left behind, left broken

pushed aside, kicked and outspoken.


I used to think no one could ever fix my heart

that he took no time at all to tear apart.

But you, you mend it’s pieces back into one

you make me feel like I’ve just begun

A new life, a new chapter, a new journey ahead

make me feel I could be up and happy instead

of this tortured and lonely creature I see

you show me there’s more possibility.


I tease you because I know I can

talk to you this way, woman to man

I know the words I want to say would try to

make their way from my lips to you

if I spent a quiet moment thinking

staring at your smile, your eyes blinking


There is a song I like to listen to

where I can imagine the characters are me and you

They could be the lovers roles we play

oh dear, what do you say?

will you hold me in your arms so tight

and never let go, though people might

try to tear us away from each other,

we’d never part from one another


But these are all just in my imagination

like a train of thought that hasn’t left the station

I can stare at you and make silly jokes

I can get a hug, give you occasional pokes

but will you ever see me the way I see you

as something that could be real and true

as someone I could spend my life getting to know

and still never feel like I wanted to go.


Could you look me in the eyes and see

That all I see through them is you and me.



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