In debt we lie

Today, my parents found out their company will strike in a few weeks. It is assumed that this strike will be big and long-lasting. In some households, this strike will only be a burden. One person in the household will need to compensate for the other for a little while. In my household however, this turn of events is awful and very threatening to our lives. Why? Because both of my parents work for the same company. This means they will have no income for that entire strike time and all benefits will be cancelled.

As a student, I rely heavily on my parents for food, shelter and part of my tuition. I currently have a low-paying job that couldn’t even compensate for a 6th of their monthly costs. Honestly, I could maybe afford groceries and my phone bill.

Today, I wanted to talk about it because I don’t think that everyone realizes all the impacts a strike can have. For some people it’s just a set back, they need to spend less on luxuries and they’ll be fine. For me? If my parents strike, it hangs my academic career in the balance. It’ll be 50/50 whether we can swing my tuition this fall. My academic career is tied to my work career. I am a co-op student. I am a good student. My academic route is opening doors that offer me a better and more fulfilling future. Without it? I’m stuck working at a food industry job for a long time, climbing a very short ladder to the top at a slow speed. That is not what I want, that is not what anyone strives for in life.

For some people, this strike is just a strike. For me, this strike is my future. I know I cannot control it, I know I’m supposed to be thinking of today and not tomorrow. I know fate has a funny way of showing itself. It’s going to be a tough few months. Stay tuned.


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