What is healthy?

We live in a time when healthy means tall

where the size on your pants has got to be small

In a time where water is breakfast

and we all pray that pounds won’t last


Little girls play hop scotch and rope

while their parents sit by and scope

praying their children won’t grow up fat

because there couldn’t possibly be anything worse than that.


vegetables and fruit but no sugar for you

we want you to grow tall and be a size 2

but weren’t parents supposed to love us as we are

instead of trying to push too far


Children need to grow and be taught they say

but who says starvation is the only way?

you’re scraping the joy from their lives away

piece by piece every single day


The goal was to make their lives simple

no cellulite or scars, not even a pimple

Instead we’ve created little safety nets

controlling everything the child gets


Society doesn’t help by defining healthy

as something most easily attained by the wealthy

where fruit costs way more than a bag of chips

and we can’t afford the vegetables, only the dips


when did healthy become synonymous with beauty?

When did we stop telling all kids they were pretty?

When did society finally break our spirit

and create this mold only a small percent of people could actually fit?



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