Just a life

I woke up alone, As I do everyday

I looked around my room, Everything done my way

But it doesn’t fill the void, it doesn’t stop the pain

Knowing I have so little, but little I could gain.


Recently I met a man, he was very nice to me

He showed me what it was to smile, to be free

But he didn’t want me, the way I needed him

And it tears me up inside, wears me thin.


For so long I’ve searched, for a certain man

one who can love me, do all he can

I thought I had found it, I was so sure

But he pushed me away, left me insecure


Sometimes the things we want, are not

they are not what we need, we need what we’ve got

We keep searching,. but can never find

The things we’ve lost, or left behind


It’s too late to fight it, to soon to know

If we have lost, should let go.

It’s just a game, another stage

Just a book, but on what page?



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